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5W-20 Light truck Synthetic Oil SFE

5W-20 Light truck Synthetic Oil  SFE Maximize

  • Recommended engine oil for all types of gasoline  fueled passenger cars, SUV’s, vans and light trucks. 

  • CleanSynto ®-teknik. 
  • ACEA:  2002 A5 / B5.
  • API:  SM (EC). 
  • ILSAC GF-4

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SFE 1111110

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5W-20 Light truck Synthetic Oil  SFE is recommended for applications in all types of gasoline  fueled passenger cars, SUV’s, vans and light trucks.


  • Ensure compliance with the viscosity grade oil even after long term over the entire service interval of time HTHS> 2.6.
  • Guarantees at low temperatures, a rapid lubrication of the engine and at temperatures to 160 ° C has a sufficiently thick oil film.
  • Has a high fuel economy (FE) effect due to the base oils and additives.
  • Provides security against silting, carbon deposits, varnish and corrosion, even under adverse operating conditions.
  • Low volatility, thus lower oil consumption.
  • The function of the hydraulic ram is ensured at all temperatures.
  • Fastest possible lubrication of the engine, even at temperatures below -30 ° C.
  • No oil-related deposits in combustion chambers in the piston ring zone and on valves.
  • Neutral towards sealing materials.

5W-20 Light truck Synthetic Oil  SFE meets or exceeds the following industry specifications:

 ACEA 2002 A5, B5 
 API (*gelistet) SM (EC)
FORD WSS-M2C930-A, FORD WSS-M2C930-B, MAZDA, HONDA, Nissan, Mitsubishi DiaQueen, DaimlerChrysler MS-6395, General Motors GM 6094M GM 9986202, TOYOTA genuine motor oil
  • SAE / Viskositet 5W-20
  • ACEA Specifikationer A5 / B5
  • API Specifikationer SN / SM
  • Densitet, 15°C, kg/m3: 0.851 g/ml
  • Viskositet, cSt vid -30°C: 5800 mPa.s
  • Viskositet, cSt: 43,0 mm²/s
  • vid 40°C: 8,2 mm²/s
  • Viskositetsindex: 160
  • Flampunkt, °C: 200
  • Lägsta flyttemperatur, °C: -40