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2-post lift 4 tons ECO, Clear floor

2-post lift 4 tons ECO, Clear floor Maximize

  • BEST Car lifts 4.0 tons for private use.

  • Brand: Eisenhammer GERMANY.
  • Red - gray color!
  • CE marking.
  • Warranty 2-5 years.

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23 900kr

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  • 220V / 50Hz -1 phase
  • 380V/ 50Hz - 3 phase
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Car lifts are equipped with adjustable and asymmetric arms which both increases the lift use and also facilitates the parking of vehicles before lifting.
Lift Synchronization and hydraulic characteristics of a steel channel above the lift which makes the floor surface during the lift remains free. it facilitates for example the use of transmission jacks when not collide with the installations on the floor.
It is manually operated with a slider to lift the car and a valve to lower it again. For operator safety, it is equipped with a mechanical latch that must be manually opened when a vehicle should be lowered.
Anchor Bolts included 10 pieces.
Lifting capacity 4000 Kg
Minimum lifting height 100 mm
Maximum lifting height 1900 mm
Overall height 3594 mm
Required height for installation 3650 mm
Overall width 3254 mm
Width between columns 2806 mm
Lifting / lowering time approx. ca. 40/40 s.
Concrete Thickness / Quality 150mm / 3000psi
Motor power 2,20kW / 2,6kW
Electrical connection

(~1)-230V-50hZ / (3~)-400V-50Hz

Fuse 16A
Weight 690Kg