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10W-50 Sports-Racing Motorolja RSE

10W-50 Sports-Racing Motorolja RSE Maximize

  • Ravenol RSE Synto Sports Racing 10W-50 engine oil for Auto Racing.

  • ACEA A3/B3/B4.
  • API SL / CF.

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RSE 1142105

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RAVENOL RSE Racing Sport Ester 10W-50 is a high alloyed, fully synthetic multigrade engine oil for modern gasoline engines based on esters and poly-alpha olefins.
Special oil for use by car race, even under the heaviest loads. Its high viscosity index, its good shear stability and a highly effective special additive RAVENOL RSE Racing Sport Ester 10W-50  is suitable for extremely sporty driving style. Secure lubrication, even at very high operating temperatures. Excellent protection against wear, corrosion and foam.
  • Fuel saving regarding partial load operation and full power operation
  • Very stable and excellent viscosity behaviour
  • Very good cold start characteristics
  • Safe lubricating layer at very high operating temperatures
  • Very good detergent and dispersant characteristics
  • Good protection against corrosion and foam formation
RAVENOL RSE Racing Sport Ester 10W-50 corresponds to:

  • SAE / Viskositet 10W-50
  • ACEA Specifikationer A3/B3/B4
  • API Specifikationer SL/CF
  • Densitet, 20°C: 852 kg/m³
  • Viskositet, cSt vid -25°C: 7000 mPa.s
  • Viskositet, cSt: 130 mm²/s
  • vid 40°C: 18,4 mm²/s
  • Viskositetsindex: 160
  • Flampunkt, °C: 200
  • Lägsta flyttemperatur, °C: -36